1 Day Advanced Colour and Cut Course

1 Day Advanced Colour and Cut Course

Course Information
This course is an advanced course for experienced hairstylists to upgrade or refresh their skills in cutting and colouring techniques.

Entry Requirement
Minimum 1 year salon experience.

Graduation Requirement
Students are required complete at least 2 clients per day* in order to obtain their relevant certificates.
* at least 1 cut client and 1 colour client

Course Awards
Upon meeting all Graduation Requirements, you will be awarded the 1 Day Advanced Colour and Cut by Kimage Hairdressing School.

Training Hours
10am to 5pm

Course Fees
$321 per day (Incl 7% GST)

Upon Application (non-refundable)
Application Fees – $150 (Incl 7% GST)

Tool Sets
Students are required to provide their own tool sets.
Example of Tool Set: Cutting Comb, Vent Brush, Neck Brush, Scissors, Clipper, Thinning Scissors, Shoulder Pad, School Cutting Cape, Duckbill Clips, Jaw clips, Water Spray, Hair Dryer, School Apron.

Mode of Payment
All fees can be paid over the counter in cash or NETS. Payment with cheque should be made in favour of “Kimage Hairdressing School Pte Ltd”.