Welcome to Kimage Hairdressing School

Kimage Hairdressing School - established in 1996.

For more than a decade now, KIMAGE has built a reputation as the leader in the hairdressing education arena. We have evolved into a brand synonymous with quality education with a cutting edge.

Our school features modern, sleek interior design and equipment, comfortable classrooms with audio-visual equipment, and dedicated instructors with outstanding experience and a passion for teaching.

An education at KIMAGE feels more like working in a salon than taking classes in a school because of our focus on hand-on practice with live models. We are committed to preparing our students for successful careers in hairdressing. Upon graduation, our students leave the school ready to embark on a successful and exciting career in the vibrant hair industry.

KIMAGE graduates have impressive placement rates due to our high educational standards. Our students are consistently well-prepared for positions in the industry. This is the reason why our graduates regularly get employment offers from salons and quickly climb to leadership positions in the hairdressing industry.

Our Commitment to Training and Service

As a renowned hairdressing school, we are fully committed to be the best training provider in the hairdressing industry both locally and regionally. Our mission is to inspire and motivate our students through innovative teaching methods and creativity, and to arm them with skills and attitudes that will enable them to be well sought after in this industry.

Every concern raised with us will be addressed as promptly as possible. It is our policy to acknowledge your concerns and feedback within 3 working days and to resolve any issue or problem within 14 working days. If we cannot resolve the issue or problem within the stipulated timeframe, we will advise you immediately and the on-going process will be explained to you.

Our School Facilities

Our School has a total floor area of approximately 448sqm (4822sqft) is strategically located in the heart of the city at Marina Square on the third level. Here trainees are sectioned off and carefully guided to perform all the key tasks in their respective programs.The school has complete facilities to cater to all trainees. We have a fully equipped Classrooms for theory instructions and demonstrations. Dolly Head Rooms and Practical areas to cater to our students’ learning needs.

Our Academic Expertise and Curriculum Advantage

At Kimage, we place a high priority on training, both comprehensively and professionally. Thus, we believe in deploying only full-time qualified staff for teaching purposes and our trainers/instructors are registered to teach all courses offered. To-date, we have at least 8 instructors/trainers supported by 6 administrative staff to guide our students. Our Student Teacher ratio is well below the industry standard at 1:12.

Kimage's success is greatly attributed to our structured training programs. The programs are designed with the aim of imparting key skills while incorporating seasonal fashion trends. Thus, creating the relevance of learned skills to present hairdressing markets' needs.

Our focus on hands-on practical session with live models in a salon-school environment has gained us popularity in the hairdressing education arena. This method of practical instruction has further reinforced the employability of our graduates, gaining easy access into the hairdressing workforce.

Our Services

Should you need to provide feedback or require assistance at anytime, please contact our hotline at 65-6883 2700.

Most importantly, we at Kimage can assure you of achieving the industry competency level in hairdressing after the completion of your training with us.

We hope you will be able to pursue your hairdressing education with us and we will certainly be looking forward to welcoming you as a student of Kimage Hairdressing School.


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