Advanced Cutting Module

Advanced Cutting Module


Learning Outcome
Upon completion of the course, you will be able to perform:

  • Mid length haircut
  • Various long haircut
  • Barbering techniques

This module aims to educate students on preparing the client to meet gowning requirements, select suitable products, tools and equipment to achieve client’s desire look and give clear advice to the client based on accurate evaluation of the client’s hair.

During the cutting process, students will learn to combine, adapt and personalize cutting techniques to achieve the desired look and ensure finished cut complements client features and personal image.

Entry Requirement
Certificate in basic haircutting or 1 year experience as cutter in salon (to produce resume as proof)

Graduation Requirement
Students are required complete all tasks in order to graduate and obtain their relevant certificates.

Course Awards
Upon meeting all Graduation Requirements, you will graduate with a Certificate in Advanced Hair Cutting Module by Kimage Hairdressing School.

Training Hours (90 hours)
You can refer to the following table for mode of study and its corresponding course duration.

Mode of Study
Hours per week
Duration Days of Instruction
Full Time (Full day)
15 Days Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm

Course Fees
$2140 (Incl 7% GST)

Mode of Study
Hours per week
No. of payments
Amount per payment
Full Time (Full day)
Upon commencement of course

Upon Application (non-refundable)
Application Fees – $150 (Incl 7% GST)

Others (optional)

  • Tool Kit Fee $600 (Incl 7% GST)
    Tool kit fee refers to the complete set of tools that are needed to perform all the practical tasks in the course.
    Payable at point of purchase, which is the first day of class.
    Example of Tool Kit set: Cutting Comb, Neck brush, Scissors, Clipper, Thinning Scissors, Shoulder Pad, School Cutting Cape, Cutting Clips, Round Brush L, Round Brush M, Paddle Brush, Water Spray, Dolly Heads, Hair dryer and School Apron.

Mode of Payment

  • All fees can be paid over the counter in cash or NETS.
  • Payment with cheque should be made in favour of “Kimage Hairdressing School Pte Ltd”.