Diploma in Comprehensive Hairdressing

Diploma in Comprehensive Hairdressing

k*This course is eligible for SkillsFuture Credit

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Course Reference Number: CRS-N-0032637
SSG Funding Validity Period: 03/09/2018 – 02/09/2019

Course Overview
As a follow-up to the Certificate in Foundation Hairdressing Course, the Diploma course will strengthen your skills with advanced techniques in cutting, perming and colouring.

You will have plenty of opportunities to practice with live models and become accomplished at every advanced skill. Instructors are there to professionally guide your progress but will also allow ample opportunity for you to experiment with an array of styles and develop your signature flair.

Course Structure
The course is comprises of 3 modules.

Training Hours
Basic to Advanced Hair Cutting
Advanced Hair Perming
Advanced Hair Colouring
Course Content : Practical + Theory (Optional)
⇛ Mannequin Sessions + Live Models PracticeDuration: 600 hoursTime:

  • 5 months – Monday to Friday
    • 30 hours per week / 10 session per week
  • 10 months – Monday to Friday
    • 15 hours per week / 5 session per week
  • 12 months – Monday to Friday
    • 12 hours per week / 4 session per week

Course Fee: $6720 (inclu. Application Fees, Course Fees)

Learning Outcome
While on the course, you will take part in practical session working on blocks (mannequin heads) for certain tasks and later on will embarked on supervised practical training with live models in the Contemporary Practical Area, applying what you have learnt in a fully equipped salon-school environment. Theory lessons that come alongside are conducted in the Lecture room.

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Perform hair cutting services
  • Prepare for hair colouring
  • Provide advanced hair colouring service
  • Prepare for hair perming
  • Provide advanced hair perming service

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Course Intake
Course commences every month.

Course Entry Requirement
Course participants should be at least 16 years old of age at date of class commencement . Completed a Certificate in Foundation Hairdressing or ITEC Level 2 Diploma in Hairdressing or have a minimum of 1 year salon experience as a Salon Assistant.

Graduation Requirement
Students are required to meet the following criteria in order to graduate and obtain their relevant certificates:

  • Must complete all 3 modules with at least 80% (90% for International students) in attendance
  • Able to perform 1 internal practical assessment of Hair Cut and Colour on live model
  • Must achieve at least 80% in terms of live model requirement i.e. complete 157 Live Models

Training Hours (600 hours)
We offer various modes of study. You can refer to the following table for mode of study and its corresponding course duration.

Mode of Study
Hours per week
Duration Days of Instruction
Full Time (Full Day)
5 months Monday – Friday (10am to 5pm)
Full Time (Half Day)
10 months Monday – Friday
Your Choice of any Sessions*
Part Time (4 Classes per week )
12 months Your Choice of any Weekdays
Your Choice of any Sessions*

*Morning session 10am to 1pm; Afternoon session 2pm to 5pm; Evening session 6pm to 9pm (Mon,Wed,Fri Only)

At the end of the course, you will be able to use the knowledge and skill learned to enter the industry and take your place in the industry as a Qualified Stylist.

Course Awards
Upon meeting all School Graduation requirements, you will be awarded the Diploma in Comprehensive Hairdressing by Kimage Hairdressing School.

Course Fees
$6420 (Incl 7% GST) – payable on the first day of class.
(The course fee is eligible for SkillsFuture Credit claims)

Upon Application (non-refundable)
Application Fees $300 (Incl 7% GST)
include complimentary Fee Protection Scheme and Medical Insurance

Others (optional)

  • Tool Kit Fee $720 (Incl 7% GST)*
    Tool kit fee refers to the complete set of tools that are needed to perform all the practical tasks in the course. Payable at point of purchase, which is the first day of class.
    Example of Tool Kit Set – Combs, Rollers, Clips, School Apron etc.
  • Locker Rental $13/month (Incl 7% GST) or Trolley Rental $21/month (Incl 7% GST)
    Rental fee applies to students who want to rent a locker or trolley in the school and use it as personal storage.
    Rental fee is payable quarterly.

Mode of Payment
All fees can be paid over the counter in cash or NETS. Payment with cheque should be made in favour of “Kimage Hairdressing School Pte Ltd”.

International Students
International students without valid passes must apply for 5 month student pass. For International Students on student pass, in the event that any of the following occurs, the school will inform ICA of the student’s attendance:

  • Student has failed to attend classes for a continuous period of 7 days or more without any valid reason; or
  • Student has not attended classes regularly, i.e. where the percentage of attendance is 90% or lower in any month of the course without any valid reason.
  • Student’s studies in the school has been terminated.

Material Fees
Material Fees of $1000 is compulsory for international students holding student passes. Material Fees cover costs of goods incurred by the students during their hands-on live model practical sessions throughout their course of study. Material fee is payable upon commencement of course.

Modules Synopsis

Basic to Advanced Hair Cutting (Training Hours: 396 hours)
Student will learn to prepare for cutting hair, use suitable consultation techniques to identify service objectives, evaluate the potential of the hair to achieve the desired look by identifying influencing factors, provide clear recommendations to the client based on factors, select and use cutting tools and equipment required to achieve the desired look, establish and follow guidelines where required to achieve the required look, combine and personalize cutting techniques to take account of the identified factors and the desired look. Be able to prepare for styling for men, identify basic techniques for styling men’s hair, state the factors that influence the choice of hair styling techniques for men.

Advanced Hair Perming (Training Hours: 72 hours)
Student will learn to creatively perm the hair, evaluate the potential of the hair to achieve the desired look by identifying influencing factors, compare the range of perming products, tools and equipment and the effects produced. Student will also be able to monitor the development of the perming and neutralising processes, following manufacturer’s instructions and remedying any arising problems and using creative finishing techniques to achieve the desired effect.

Advanced Hair Colouring (Training Hours: 132 hours)
Student will learn to prepare for colouring service, evaluate the potential of the hair to achieve the desired look by identifying influencing factors, carry out tests prior to and during the colouring process, recording the results, use pre-softening and pre-pigmenting when necessary, select and use colouring techniques, products, tools and equipment to colour the hair, monitor the development of the colour accurately following manufacturers’ instructions, remedy problems that may occur during the colouring process, check that the colour is thoroughly removed from the hair and scalp without disturbing any packages still requiring development, apply a suitable conditioner or post colour treatment to the hair following manufacturers’ instructions and create a finished look that is to the satisfaction of the client.

Internal Assessment

Before completion of the course, the following tasks will be internally assessed.

  • Advanced Haircutting
  • Advanced Hair Colouring

Students are required to register for internal assessment and perform the above tasks on a live model. Students will be graded based on Able/Unable to perform tasks. Students are also responsible for their assessment live model.