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Students' Testimonials

Linda Bao

Bao Thi Thuy Van

Freelance Hairstylist (Vietnamese)
I have a fulfilling learning experience during my time at Kimage Hairdressing School. We were given plenty of opportunities to put in practice the different techniques and skills taught to us by the ever dedicated team of stylists. It has certainly been a pleasure!

Lysha Lim

Hairstylist (Malaysian)
My experience with Kimage Hairdressing School has been truly amazing. With skillful and encouraging instructors, all lessons were taught patiently, passionately and professionally. The knowledge and time that they shared with me, will be treasured forever.

Woon Ping

Kimage Hairstylist (Singaporean)
I am really happy to have attended the Kimage Hairdressing School with great trainers. It was an excellent journey which improved my skills in hair, builds my confidence and meeting friends who share the same passion.


Freelance Hairstylist (Bangladeshis)
Kimage Hairdressing School সত্যিই আমার জন্য এক অনন্য ও সম্ভবনাময় অভিজ্ঞতা| খুব অল্প সময়েই আমি দক্ষতা এবং আত্মবিস্বাস পেয়েছি | শিক্ষকেরা এখানে অনেক আন্তরিক, বন্ধুত্বপূর্ণ এবং যত্নশীল | অনেক সুন্দর সময় এবং স্মৃতি আছে এখানে যা কিনা আমার হৃদয়ে থাকবে আজীবন | Kimage Hairdressing School has been a great learning experience with hands on for me. I have enjoyed each of the classes and liked the friendly teaching environment. My favourite learning experience was the hair cutting, hair coloring and hair waving. The instructors are so kind, co-operative and great at what they do and teach.

Daisy Shan

Hairstylist (Chinese)
我在 Kimage 学校度过了愉快而有意义的一年学习,在这里,我不仅学到了很多的技能和知识,而且认识了很多非常棒的老师,同学,我们一起度过了很多难忘的时刻。 通过一年的学习,我掌握了美发这个行业的基本技能,这为我融入美发这个行业奠定了坚实的基础,非常感谢 Kimage 学校,感谢老师们!

Sean Heng

Hairstylist (Malaysian)
我很开心在 Kimage 学校读书的日子。还记得我第一天来的学校, 老师和学生都很 friendly, 而且老师都很用心的教。有时候我会比较慢吸收, 老师都会一步步的教, 而且有耐心的解释给我。 学校提供很多学习机会, 环境又美又清净, 毕业了过后, 出去处面工作一定有很好的帮助。在这里学习又好玩, 又可以学到手艺, 是我永远不会忘的。

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